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Full Intensity Training (F.I.T)

This is my type of recovery day!​For pain and inflammation or improvement in athletic performance, check out H-Bling: Cryo, Infrared & Nutritional Therapies in Brea. These ladies are amazing and the facility is on point! #healthyfitlife

Daniel R.

First time here and amazing experience, facility is amazingly clean and staff was very friendly and knowledgable. Came in for the full body Cryo and ended...

Timothy P.

I love this place. I was referred by a friend when my knee was killing me. Now I try to go back every week, which doesn't always happen. I can't recommend them enough. Monica and Susan are the best.

Suzette Ornelas Medina

Great place! Good people and it has helped my daughter heal and feel really good after training so hard!! Highly recommend I'm working my way to get in also but haven't got the guts yet!!!!

Victor K

If you're in pain or have inflammation you owe it to yourself to check the great people of H-Bling out. My foot was in so much pain I was barely able to walk. In just one session of the cryo therapy I was healed. I couldn't believe it... My mind and body felt different the next day. I love this place so much that I've been back for multiple sessions.

Heather Stephenson

Absolutely love H-Bling! What a great place to come for natural healing. Monica and Susan are very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Coming to H-Bling after a hard workout for Cryo or infrared sauna treatments, has really helped with soreness and recovery. So glad to have a place like this in the North Orange County area.

Jacob Leos

I did the cryo treatment! I feel amazing! Check it out say Jake Leos sent you and hopefully I'll get free t shirt or Something ha

Mark O.

I have had amazing results with the cryotherapy as a local modality. I also loved the whole body cryotherapy....once I get my foot completely healed I will add on infrared therapy.

Jeremy Robertson

Amazing facility and staff! My body is feeling great and recovery from my workout was quick. I highly recommend H-Bling

Matthew Billinger

Body feeling a lot better...will definitely return for more treatment

Vince R.

Susan and Monica really know what they are doing. They are very warm and welcoming women. They will make you feel at ease and comfortable with each and...

Lucia Soliz

I have been going for approximately four weeks now and I am happy to say that the arthritis in my hands and fingers is no longer bothering me. I had a difficult time writing, buttoning clothes, sharpening pencils and other small tasks, but now I am able to do all these things. I have suffered from osteoarthritis for over 10 years and over time the pain was getting worst. I am so glad I have found a treatment that works. Love the facials too... My pale skin now has a glow and my friends have noticed. Thank you Monica and Susan... I wish you continued success with the business. I always share my story in hopes of helping others. Thanks again!!!

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