Teeth Whitening

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NuYu Whitening is one of the newest, quickest, safest, and most effective over the counter teeth whitening products in the market. NuYu Whitening is guaranteed to rapidly produce a noticeably brighter and whiter smile for staining caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine along with some cases of intrinsic staining. NuYu Whitening is one of the only processes currently available that will give you such dramatic results in a very short time in an easy, convenient process without the prices typically associated with teeth whitening or the pain and sensitivity. 

How White Will My Teeth Get?
● Individual results vary, depending on your genetics, what type of stain you have (yellow=easiest to remove, brown=somewhat more difficult to remove, gray=difficult may require a series of treatments), and how thick your enamel is.
● Two follow-ups will greatly improve and maintain results.
● We typically see 2 shades improvement in the first session; then 1-3 shades in follow-up sessions.
● 3 sessions are recommended to prevent relapse. Relapse is when bleached teeth revert back to their original stained color. It doesn’t happen in every case & is unpredictable which individuals it affects. Getting 3 sessions greatly helps prevent relapse.

How Long Will My Results Last?
● Individual results vary, depending on your tendency to absorb stains, your diet (coffee, tea, red wine, sodas, etc) and lifestyle (tobacco products).
● Results can last up to 2 years, with proper maintenance: using the Whitening-To-Go pen, avoiding staining products, avoiding enamel-stripping substances (drugstore white strips, sugar, sodas), avoiding drugstore whitening toothpastes that contain silica or other abrasive ingredients which scratch enamel.

Is It Safe?
● Yes. This is an FDA-approved procedure.

Will It Cause Sensitivity?
● No. Our specially formulated gel is pH balanced & doesn’t contain citric acid, a preservative commonly found in many over-the-counter whitening strips, known for causing sensitivity.



Teeth Whitening

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